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MPM, more than 30 years of experience

We are specialist with recognized experience in the field of welding and industrial assemblies.

Welding and Industrial assembly.

Manufacture, maintenance and repair inside the industrial assembly Engineering projects and heat treatments

Our clients are our guarantee

Our goal is to find the solution for their projects

MPM, S.L. s a company formed by professionals with recognized experience in the field of welding and industrial assemblies . Our main goal is to provide solutions andguarantee effective and long-lasting results .

Our Sectors of Activity

Currently, MPM focuses its work on manufacturing, maintenance and repairing, industrial assembly, carrying out and participating in engineering projects and heat treatments in different sectors of activity: Energy, Gas, Iron and Steel Industry, Cellulose, Petro-Chemical and getting more presence in Naval Industry, in Cryogenic Services, Pharmacy and Food.


Conventional generation in thermoelectric plants and combined cycles…

Food and Pharmacy

Within the energy sector MPM provides services in the following areas…

Iron and steel industry

MPM has a constant presence throughout its years of activity within the steel sector…


MPM has carried out big projects during the last years in different cellulose plants around the country.


One of the fields in which MPM has been present since its creation has been the distribution of natural gas…

Cryogenic Services

MPM has been working since the beginning in the maintenance of an industrial gas plant with cryogenic service…


MPM has carried out work in shipyards in different areas of Spain and increasing its presence in naval sector…

Our services


Manufacture of coils pipes, cyclones, Pre-assembly of DeNOx pipelines…

Maintenance and repair

Complete availability
24 hours – 365 a year.

Industrial Assembly

MPM has accreditations and approvals for the execution of its projects.

Engineering projects

MPM has an organization with enough capacity to realize and / or participate in engineering projects from different fields.

Heat treatments

Furnace and itinerant heat treatments we have the technical means and human resources to provide an on-site solution and service..

Main clients

MPM, S.L. | Assemblies, Projects and Maintenance!

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