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Activity sectors




At MPM we focus our work on different sectors of activity: Energy, Gas, Iron and Steel Industry, Cellulose, Petro-Chemical and getting more presence in Naval Industry, in Cryogenic Services, Pharmacy and Food. Both in manufacturing, in maintenance and repair, in industrial assembly, in carrying out and participating in engineering projects and in heat treatments.

Activity sectors


Within the energy sector MPM provides services in the following areas:

  • Conventional generation in thermoelectric plants and combined cycles
  • Renewable energies in biomass and wind farms
  • Cogeneration in different types of plants

Activity sectors


One of the fields in whichMPM has been present since its creation has been the distribution of natural gas both in cities and in industries and in the construction of natural gas regulation and measurement stations.

Activity sectors

Food and Pharmacy

MPM carries out part of its activity within the food and pharmaceutical industry accomplish with the quality standards required by regulations and always in accordance with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). One of our objectives is to collaborate with our clients by providing executions, design and supplies that guarantee the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard.

Most of these jobs, generally in stainless steel and for clean rooms, require a high degree of cleaning with polished and electro-polished, satin or mirror-effect finishes, and respecting certain levels of roughness.

Activity sectors

Cryogenic Services

MPM has been working since the beginning in the maintenance of an industrial gas plant with cryogenic service. It is also beginning to develop part of its activity in the supply, manufacture and assembly of jacketed pipes in vessels powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Activity sectors

Iron and steel industry

MPM has a constant presence throughout its years of activity within the steel sector, both at the level of daily maintenance and in carrying out new or expansion projects inside the steel mill.


MPM has carried out work in shipyards in different areas of Spain and increasing its presence in naval sector, both in the field of submarines and in the propulsion of vessels using liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Activity sectors


MPM has carried out big projects during the last years in different cellulose plants around the country.