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Currently, MPM focuses its work on manufacturing, maintenance and repairing, industrial assembly, carrying out and participating in engineering projects and heat treatments in different sectors of activity: Energy, Gas, Iron and Steel Industry, Cellulose, Petro-Chemical and getting more presence in Naval Industry, in Cryogenic Services, Pharmacy and Food.



MPM has 3.000 m2 of facilities between two warehouses that are both very close to each other. It has the necessary means to carry out plate-work, pipeline construction, structure and equipment, both in carbon steel and in stainless steel or other special alloys. Each building is equipped to work according to the type of steel. ufficient lifting, access and storage means are part of the equipment, guaranteeing the execution of the service at all times.

Modular Manufacturing

MPM can have surfaces that allow large-scale modular manufactures that could travel by sea due to its proximity and good access to the El Musel port in Gijón.


Maintenance and repair

MPM performs daily preventive and corrective industrial maintenance since 1990 in thermal power plants, cogeneration plants, industrial gas generation plants and food and pharmaceutical sector.

We should highlight the great experience in the execution of scheduled reviews as we said before and in urgent repairs. The availability 24 hours – 365 days per year is an important value.

MPM is accredited as a pressure equipment installer and repairer, maintainer and conservator of pressure equipments according to the R.D. 2060/2008.


Industrial Assembly

MPM carries out industrial assemblies for the execution of new projects, reforms or extensions of plants and/or factories within the energy sector, electricity and gas in food and pharmacy, in the field of iron and steel or in sectors such as chemical, naval or cellulose.

The experience, the use of highly qualified personnel and adequate technical means allow the provision of a service with all the guarantees.

MPM has accreditations and approvals for the execution of its projects


Engineering projects

MPM has an organization with enough capacity to realize and/or participate in engineering projects from different fields, both in power plants for the generation and distribution of electricity and gas, as well as in other industrial sectors: chemical, naval, pharmacy and food, etc, taking over all phases of the project.


Heat treatments

Furnace heat treatments:
The requirements of materials or manufactured products are becoming more demanding. These needs are achieved with heat treatments that guarantee the required characteristics:

➢ Stress relief heat treatment
➢ Normalized thermal treatment
➢ Tempering
➢ Stress relief heat treatment post welding

Itinerant heat treatments:
Over the last decades, the development of materials and their applications in the industry as well as their weldability often makes it necessary to apply local heat treatments that guarantee the efficiency or validity of a weld.

MPM has qualified technical means and qualified human resources to provide solution and service at any place:

➢ Preheating to the weld
➢ PWHT post-weld heat treatment
➢ Treatment during welding
➢ Treatment of mechanized parts

Facilities and equipment
MPM has two ceramic fibers lined furnaces with horizontal chambers. Natural gas feed burners and material loading by horizontal movement trolley with flat floor and interchangeable ceramic brick supports. Optional loading with bridge crane electromagnet assisted in a 1.250 m2 bay.

Each of the furnaces has two independent heating zones. They are equipped with burners managed by a control equipment with two temperature regulators which are generating combustion pulses with automatic or manual control options.

Temperature control through continuous burner starters along with flame hyper speed ensures a homogeneous temperature distribution inside each furnace as well as controlled heating and cooling ramps.

At the same time, a modern registration system allows you to view the treatment at all times, manage it, store it and give it to you a complete report with graphs of the process and evolution of the treatment.